Intent Snagging is part of the wider Intent Group that has a wealth of property experience. Our goal is to help new-build homeowners ensure their property is free from defects and ready to move into. We also support developers who want to maintain exacting standards on their property builds. We provide reassurance and peace of mind for customers who know that if there’s an issue in a new-build property, we’ll find it.

Intent Group

We cover various aspects of property reporting from new-build snagging to inventory services, so our experience is wide-ranging, making us ideally placed to foresee issues before they arise and also liaise with the various parties involved with a property. In short, we’ll help get your issues resolved faster than anyone else.

Our inspectors are all fully qualified and have a comprehensive checklist to run through when conducting a snag report on your property. All snags are photographed and documented, enabling anyone to quickly determine an issue and its location. We take pride in conducting a more thorough inspection than you’ll get with any other snagging company and strive to provide the very best-in-class service before, during and after the inspection has been conducted.


By the numbers

It’s extremely rare to find a new-build property with no issues – our research shows that finding issues before moving in will save you money in the long-term and ensure your property is fully compliant with building regulations.

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