What is snagging?

Snagging is a term used in the construction industry for the process of identifying issues with a new-build property. New homes can often have defects or ‘snags’ caused by a range of factors such as workmanship or equipment. The onus will be on the homeowner to itemise and report any defects to the house builder or developer. That’s where we come in.

What is a snagging list?

A snagging list is essentially a list of defects/issues with a new-build property.  From problems with fixtures and fittings to cosmetic faults and structural damage, a snagging list should cover all defects with a property to ensure resolution in a timely manner.

Why should I use a professional snagging company?

A buyer of a new-build property is perfectly entitled to inspect their home themselves if they wish to, but it pays dividends to engage a qualified professional. This is because they are trained to spot defects that non-property professionals may not find and have specialist equipment (thermal imaging devices, for example) that will pick up issues that may be invisible to the naked eye.


At Intent Snagging, we also support new-build buyers after an inspection has been completed too, when it comes to raising issues with developers, for example.

Shouldn't a new property already be checked?

Yes, your house builder will have a responsibility to check the property before handing over the keys to a buyer. However, they do not always pick up on everything and having an independent, qualified professional to check the property generally provides a much more comprehensive inspection.

When is the best time for a snagging inspection?

If you are buying a property off-plan, it would be normal to exchange contracts before the property has been completed (or even started, in some cases). In this case, the best time for a snagging inspection would normally be when the developer serves notice to complete.


If not purchasing a property off-plan, the snagging inspection should be carried out before exchange of contracts to ensure the buyer is properly protected and can agree what happens in the event that defects and issues are uncovered.

What are some common 'snags' found in new-build properties?
  • Broken roof tiles
  • Loft insulation incomplete
  • Issues with plasterwork
  • Ventilation faults
  • Tiling and grouting incomplete
What can be done if a developer denies access to the property?

This is a common issue as a developer is not obliged to grant you access to a property until you have completed and have the keys. Unfortunately, in some cases it may be necessary to involve solicitors as you have a legal interest in the property, but most developers are used to having snagging inspections conducted and may not have any issue with an inspection taking place.


In any case, the Home Builders Federation has published a voluntary code which states that “The home builder will co-operate with appropriately qualified professional advisors appointed by the customer to resolve disputes, if they arise.”

After inspection, when is the report issued?

We aim to turn around reports within 48 hours. This is guaranteed for our tier 1 price plan.

Is it possible to get a snagging report after moving in?

It is certainly preferable to carry out a snagging report prior to moving in, as a developer may argue that any defects recorded occurred after moving in. However, if you can demonstrate that a fault occurred prior to occupation of the property, then a snagging report may go some way to helping towards having these issues resolved, as long as it is carried out within the warranty period (typically 10 years).

What areas are covered?

We typically cover London and the home counties, but are available to venture further afield if required.

What format does the report come in?

This depends on the plan you choose – our top two pricing plans cover a digital report as well as a bound printed one, whereas our tier 3 plan comes with a digital report as standard but with the option to purchase a bound one as an add-on.

What support is provided after the inspection?

All of our plans come with support and advice options – with our knowledge of new-build homes, we’re on hand to provide reassurance when needed to make sure you are comfortable whenever issues arise with your property.


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